Documentary, 90 Mins.
Director, camera, producer: Othmar Schmiderer
Script: Angela Summereder/ Othmar Schmiderer
Editor: Arthur Summereder
Gefördert von: BKA, Land NOE, Stadt Wien

World Premiere Int. Competition Dok Leipzig
In Cinemas March 2019

The film follows a year on a working farm with Gottfried and Elfie at a small homestead in the Waldviertel (Lower Austria’s Forest Quarter). Thanks to ecological management and self-marketing they are largely self-sufficient. The film explores the foundations of a fulfilled dream of self-sufficiency in harmony with nature, and studies its processes, rules and regulations, bringing these to life using formal, serialised narrative techniques.

homefilmografievorheriger film

DREAM HOUSE (Working Title)
2018, work in progress

Documentary, 90 Mins.
Script and direction: Angela Summereder / Othmar Schmiderer

A cinematic exploration of the phenomenon of the detached family home. What does the dream of owning a detached house mean from a sociological, aesthetic, ecological and economic point of view? Experts agree that land-squandering detached houses are a problem for society and future generations in all of the ways listed above. And that this problem needs correction and alternative solutions. Yet in practice, and despite all its pressures, the dream of owning a detached house is booming as a virtually uncontested ideal of how to live. The film examines the paradoxical aspiration for the “detached house” using a broad kaleidoscope of cinematic formats.