Material zu einer Oper: Ariadne im Garn – Ria NacktMaterial zu einer Oper: Ariadne im Garn – Ria Nackt

The opera, composed by Renald Deppe after the libretto by Bodo Hell and staged by Othmar Schmiderer for the NÖ-Donaufestival 2002, presents a fundamental revision and further development of the Ariadne-subject as regards content as well as form.

'Material on an opera' is a fragmentary videofilmic approach to the elaboration and final staging of this subject. The centre of attention hereby is above all the text and less the musical elaboration of this performance.

The film is a document, but at the same time as well a fiction of this production from the year 2002.

Digital video, 60 mins., in progress
Production, concept & editing: Othmar Schmiderer
Camera: Jörg Burger
Sound: Ulrich Goebel
Music: Renald Deppe, Cappella con Durezza
Libretto: Bodo Hell
Décor: Mario Bräuer
Speaking parts: Elfriede Irrall, Olaf Scheuring
Mezzo-soprano: Martina Tomcic
Baritone: Andreas Lebeda
Soprano: Johanna Wölfl
Alto: Bernhard Landauer

The book:
Ariadne im Garn – Ria Nackt. Eine Racheoper incl. the libretto, extracts from the score, pictures and articles on the history of reception has been published in the Triton-Verlag (ISBN 3-85486-120-6)

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