A cinematic reinterpretation of the dance theatre piece Collision by Editta Braun and Jean Yves Ginoux. The abandoned industrial site of a salt works, a labyrinth of feelings: attraction and repulsion, tenderness and aggression, involvement and aversion. Views of light in the sunshine, a background of hammering sounds, the play of light and colour: an ecstatic encounter between a woman and a man.

Dance video, Austria 1993
Betacam SP stereo, 25 mins
Concept, direction, camera, editing: Othmar Schmiderer
Dance & choreography: Editta Braun, Jean Yves Ginoux
Décor: Mario Bräuer
Lighting: Heiner Sollereder
Sound: Harald Friedl
Music: Heinz Leonhardsberger
Production: Braun/Schmiderer

1993: dance screen Alte Oper Frankfurt
1994: International Film & TV Festival New York (3. Preis Non Broadcast Performing Arts)

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