mobile stabile

A (video) film in the form of an essayistic journey studying the monstrosity of everyday life on Austrian motorways and focusing on the contrast between the three elements of car/road/speed on the one hand and the living space of human beings on the other.

The categories of movement and inertia are the viewing parameters. The monumental architecture and the people – who, as a peripheral phenomenon, are almost iconic – together with the thrill of unimpeded driving are all related to one another in a situation of hopeless tension. Incorporated into this are the contrapuntal textual fragments by Bodo Hell and the music by Uli Scherer.

Essayistic documentary film, Austria 1992
Betacam SP stereo, 40 mins.
Concept: Othmar Schmiderer/ Harald Friedl
Camera, editing: Othmar Schmiderer
Text: Bodo Hell
Music: Uli Scherer
Production: Schmiderer/Friedl

1992: Duisburg Film Festival, Leipzig Documentary Film Festival, Graz Architecture Film Festival
1993: Diagonale Salzburg
1994: Architecture Film Festival, Wexner Center Ohio, Hamburg Week of Architecture, BildRaum, Film and Architecture, Architekturzentrum, Vienna

1994: WDR

Medienwerkstatt Wien

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